Education Management Software in Bangladesh

Ecampus is an excellent school management software to work on and the best time-saving tool for any school to invest in. Bangladesh’s one of Education management software in Bangladesh with lots of useful modules like students, parents, teachers, and management. It’s also   Timetable Module Attendance Module, HRM & Payroll Module, etc. This ensures smooth functioning of the day-to-day school management operations whereas enables parent-school-teacher interaction in an instant manner bridging all the possible communication gaps.


Education Management Software

Ecampus School Management Software modules:

  • Dashboard
  • Global Setting
  • Academic Module
  • Online Admission
  • Student Admission
  • Timetable Module
  • Attendance Module
  • HRM & Payroll Module
  • Accounts & Finance Module
  • Results Module
  • Online Learning Module
  • SMS Module
  • Web Management
  • User Management


Advantages of using Ecampus  School Management Software:

  1. Using Ecampus School Management System software, students and educational institutions can easily store all the information of students, teachers, parents.
  2. Students’ number sheets, attendance-absenteeism, salary-allowance calculations, syllabus, etc. can be done easily so that there is no possibility of error.
  3. Using Ecampus management system software, the students of that particular institution can easily communicate with each other, build a network between each other. That way everyone can share, know and discuss all kinds of updates of the organization together.
  4. Ecampus School Management System software allows all students, staff, and employees to monitor all types of information effortlessly.
  5. Ecampus School management system software can work in all local and international languages.
  6. Ecampus School Management System Software always gives its users complete freedom to use the software. And just like giving this freedom, the software is customized for the specific user according to his own needs.
  7. The use of Ecampus school management system software allows the administrator of that organization to use powerful real-time reporting tools, monitoring all types of records of students, teachers, and staff. It can easily observe all the subjects including the results of previous and current examinations. Through this tuition tracking and payment system can be controlled. All the programs of the organization can be done. New notices can be announced, which easily reach all the student-teachers and employees of the institution. The contact addresses can also be controlled in this software. Even ID card work can be done very easily with this software.
  8. Using Ecampus school management system software allows trainers to control their grade book, log attendance, progress report. An online group can be created within the class as well.
  9. Ecampus can monitor school management system software academic reports, attendance-absenteeism, monthly exam progress. You can transcribe your course and class reading online. All the transactions of that organization can be done online. Students can also create class slideshows.

Education Management System

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