Order management systems (OMS) refer to software that tracks sales, orders, inventory, and fulfillment, while powering the actual process of completing an order. A modern OMS is the technology that powers the connections for one seamless solution. In turn, this reduces the complexity of having to set up and maintain disparate systems, which prevents many companies from being able to scale. The old way of thinking about an OMS only involved order fulfillment services. However, modern order management systems treat the complete supply chain as an interconnected ecosystem, allowing merchants to automate their internal processes from order through to fulfillment and returns. At MM IT Soft Ltd, we manage the process through this entire lifecycle, with robust features and functionality that give clients more powerful tools to optimize and flex their business.

Why Do you Need an Order Management System?

To complete an order, many things must happen from the moment someone clicks “buy” to when they receive the product. Inventory and orders must align across multiple channels. Every step of the order fulfillment process must be tracked. Data must be reported, analyzed, and evaluated. As a result, an order management requires a multi-dimensional system that touches nearly every facet of how your business operates, including: 

Customer profiles

Multiple sales channels

Product information management

Inventory levels and multiple location management

Order processing

Backorder management

Order printing

Picking and packing  


Negotiating carrier shipping rates and discounts

Wholesale order management

Retail store replenishment

Returns and refunds

Customer Service 

Marketing and promotional programs

Features Of Our Order Management Software

  • Attractive Dashboard 
  • User Management 
  • Category Management
  • Product Management 
  • Order Management 
  • Category Wise Order.

Order Management Software Details

Attractive Dashboard:

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User Management

The User Management Tool enables you to provision employee user accounts and distribution groups from Active Directory.

Category Management

Category management is the concept that has taken the retail and supply industry by storm. As a category manager, you will have to group similar products. Each of these collections of related products forms a product category.

Product Management

Product managers help the web get better, and keep organizations and teams focused on what people need the most.

Order Management

An order management system's job is to make the fulfillment process as streamline, cost-effective, and automated as possible.

Category Wise Order.

A category page is a page that sits above your product pages in your site hierarchy. It is essentially a topic page for a group of products.

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