Software Development

Software Development

Best Software Development Company In Bangladesh

Why We are the Best Software Company in Bangladesh:

MM IT SOFT LTD. development services and has experience in building all kinds of small, medium, enterprise-level software using digital technologies. Every business either small or big enterprise requires the right tools and effective ways to maintain all its day to day operations. We can feel their pain and to solve their problems we have come up with several solutions like School ERP, HRM, Accounting & Inventory management software, POS Software, Garments ERP and so on. Our Software’s are budget-friendly and highly secure & above all, it does not require any special skills to operate the system. Any non-technical person can easily operate the system. We are known as the Best software development company in Bangladesh. We have also gained the faith of customers and positioned as one of the best software development company in Bangladesh since 2018.


MM IT SOFT is an international standard Software Company in Bangladesh. We Work with National & International Clients & Partners. We Are Expert In ERP Software Implementation, School ERP, HRM, Accounting & Inventory management software, POS Software, Garments ERP and so on. We Developed Responsive User-friendly Interface System and We Use Modern Tools & Technology To Deploy Them. We Satisfy Our Customers Beyond Their Expectations.

Who can use our Software?

Small Business
We help small businesses to achieve their goals and objective by providing all kinds of small solutions like website for web presence, Accounting management software and so on.

Corporate Business
Not just small businesses, we also build software for large corporations like Garment industries, Schools, Restaurants and so on. We provide HRM solutions, Finance & Accounting solutions, Garments ERP, POS Software, Library Management and so on. We can also build custom software based on corporates requirements.

E-Commerce Business
We provide end to end eCommerce website solutions to all kinds of small, medium and large businesses. Our eCommerce stores are optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Start-up Business
A start-up entrepreneur needs an efficient solution at an affordable budget. We provide the best quality software at affordable budget.

Our Ready Software

School Management Software:

School management software is software that combines with a well-integrated set of different tools that creates an impressive value to your business also create a better future for the kids. Now days, lots of schools are using school management software for their day to day operations. MM IT SOFT works with a huge number of institutes including schools, colleges, and universities in Bangladesh that are gaining benefits from our school management software.

Customized Business ERP

No more risk with unsecured Excel sheets or Google documents for your financial or inventory needs. Smart Software gives master level programming execution to develop an ERP system based on the organization’s demand. We provide the latest business management technology solution that can able to collect, store, manage, and communicate data overall functions of the enterprise solutions. ERP users can track and measure data that leads to business process improvement.

Account & Inventory Management

Smart Account is a most user-friendly Browser based accounting software which combines Multi-user easy accounting software for small business. From Accounting to Inventory management, our Smart Account can handle all kinds of records with 0 errors.


HRM & Payroll Management Software

The human resource manager plays a vital role in the core development of a company. Recruitment process, Employee evaluation, Holiday’s & absence management are the backend of a company. Paperwork work is irritating, time-consuming and is not 100% accurate. But when the technology comes to the playground then HR gets the perfect time to make better decisions.

Hospital Management Software

Our Hospital Management Software is a most user-friendly Browser based Software which combines Multiuser Account System, Easy Customization, Monitoring of Whole Hospital. Ready Hospital, Clinic & Diagnostic Management Software. There are significant Features. OT, Out-Door, Indoor, Pharmacy. Account & Finance, HRM, Inventory, Payroll, SMS Notification & Much more

Garments ERP

Garment Manufacturing Company fulfills the basic needs of mankind. This sector is considered as the oldest industry. ERP system considered as a set of highly integrative real-time business applications that deals with software modules sharing a common database, supporting the core business functions of production even administration, logistics, manufacturing, sales, distribution, finance, and accounting