2024 Top 10 Leading Software Companies in Bangladesh.

List of Software Companies in Bangladesh The competition in the software development market is increasing day by day. It’s hard to say which is the best software company. Each company specializes in one or more categories. Some in banking, some in blockchain, some in health, and some in hospitality. There are fewer companies that have multiple capabilities. Let’s see the top 20 software companies in Bangladesh.


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BD Top 10 Software Company list In 2024:

  1. MM IT Software Ltd.
  2. Brain Sataion 23 Ltd.
  3. Data Soft System Ltd.
  4. Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd.
  5. Lead Soft Bangladesh Ltd.
  6. Reve Systems.
  7. Southtech Group.
  8. SpceTrum Engirneering Corsortium Ltd.
  9. Kaz Software.
  10. Nasceria Limited.