Hesab NGO Management software

Best NGO Management software in Bangladesh

What is association software?

Hisab is a software that can be used to organize the regular activities of any type of cooperative society, NGO, Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society. With the use of this software, all the work can be done very easily and in a short time. MM IT SOFT LTD. gives you a Best NGO Management software in Bangladesh.

 Why use Hesab association Software?

At the present time wantto do more in less time. And the scope of work in financial institutions like associations is wide. The association has brought these into a system where more results can be calculated with less work. In a word, if the work that you do in the manual process is considered to be 100%, then the association will reduce the scope of this work to 30%.

 What is in Hesab association software?

By collecting the data of the field, the officers will be able to post in the mobile apps very easily. With an online system, owners can view reports from anywhere. You can use the system from any device. Example: Laptop, desktop, tablet, or your PC. There is a 24-hour support system.

  • Member Information Management, Nominee Information Management
  • General Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Customizable DPS.
  • Advantages of making AFDR in a customized way.
  • Monthly profit distribution and fixed profit distribution.
  • Create loan schemes as desired and installment collection.
  • Information of directors and transactions of directors.
  • Bank Information Retention, Bank Deposit, and Withdrawal
  • SMS like every transaction banking.
  • Issuing 64 types and more reports.
  • CC loans can be managed
  • Advantages of daily automatic data backup.
  • Daily Collection Summary, Monthly Collection Summary.
  • Collection summary by date.


The specialty of Hesab Association Software!

  1. The biggest advantage of the association is that it is a cloud-based software. So it can be used from any part of the world through the internet. And we are always by your side in your service.
  2. The association has overcome this obstacle through its simple presentation in software. This will allow anyone to use it very easily with the help of usage rules.
  3. Association is a hassle-free accurate association management software. You can easily manage the accounts of your co-operative society without any mistakes.
  4. The association is an excellent combination of artificial intelligence and human interaction. The excellent colorful graphical presentation displays all the details of the transaction. And some business advice and provide.
  5. Excellent colorful graphical presentation in the association software displays all the information of the transaction in a nutshell.
  6. Profit, Loss, Deposit, Balance all kinds of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly through association software.

Features of Our NGO Management Software

NGO Management software Details

Primary Setup

Staff list, Area List, Director list, Our loan, Bank list, Voucher category, DPS scheme, FDR scheme, Setting, SMS, Asset, and Adjustment.



Members, All general Accounts, All DPS Accounts, New DPS, FDR Accounts list, New FDR, All Loan Accounts New loan, All share Accounts, All CC Accounts, and Closing.


Common Collection, Deposit general AC, Installment collection, Purchase/sale share, Deposit to DPS, Bank, withdrawal, and CC ins. Coll.


Get your debits reports by our best NGO management software in Bangladesh. Also has General savings withdrawal, DPS withdrawal, FDR profit withdrawal, Bank deposit, DPS closing, and FDR balance withdrawal.


General expenditure, General income, Deposit from the director, Withdraw for the director, For approval, Salary D, Get out a loan, and Return out a loan.


A.W.M.R, Member sheet, Send bulk SMS, SMS report, D.C.S input, D.C.S print, Staff report, Y.P.D, Y.P.D REPORT, W.R, CC Closing, CC report, and S.C.R.

Pricing Our Hesab NGO Management Software

Monthly Service and Subscription Cost:

Monthly Service Cost include software subscription cost, dedicated support team cost, unlimited tale & live chat support.

Payment Procedure:

  • 100% Advance Payment Monthly or Yearly.
  • Payment will goes to MM IT SOFT LTD. Accounts pay Cheque.
  • bKash: 01318 300 901 bKash Merchant Account
  • All Tax, Vat & Other Charge Excluded.


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