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Best School Management Software in Bangladesh

Ecampus one of the best School Management Software in Bangladesh. Software is now necessary to complete tasks that are everywhere. Nowadays, many education institutes digitalized Daily activities.The school management system has become famous for educational institutes in Bangladesh.

The first significant advantage of a school management system is to keep the student-related data fruitful. Besides, school management software includes other features like fees paid by students, transport facilities provided by the school, examination records of the students, library usage, and many more. As an admin assigned by the school administration, you can access the database and more. Afterward, students can also access the system to know their examination marks and important notices without having editing access.

Your admin people need not enter the students’ data and others into an excel sheet for long hours. The data will be well organized automatically by the system and will be accessible easily. You can easily access the database within a few seconds, and the overall system will be so user-friendly. MM IT SOFT LTD has brought Aim software to make your school management process more comfortable.

There are many different types of school management systems and software available, ranging from basic solutions for small schools to comprehensive enterprise-level systems for larger institutions. Some common features of school management systems include student and teacher databases, attendance tracking, gradebook and assessment tools, scheduling and calendar functions, and parent and student portals for communication.

Features Of Our School Management Software

School Management Software Details


Institute can manage total reports on a dashboard like current active male students list, current active female students list, active teachers, current staffs, SMS balance, and all students, teachers, staffs today attendance.

Global Setting

Our global setting module has integrated with your all institute in one school management software. You can manage your multiples branches in our school management system software. It also has an automatic SMS system.

Academic Module

This school management software system profile is entirely on academic work and final certification of the student and has an easy to access system. Many subcategories like shift, class, group, sections, and all subjects.

Online Admission

This will allow anybody who is far away, wants to save time and resources, or intends to enjoy the advanced technology to make easy admission to your school. Online Admission, Admission Regulation, Student List.

Student Module

Institute can manage and track all students’ information like Student Admission, print student admission form, current student list, print student ID card, and migration process.

Timetable Module

Using our school management software you can manage your institute yearly calendar head, calendar create a class routine, view class routine, exam routine, and class schedule.

Web Management

An Institute web management system has lots of information. because the website is the identity of that’s the first, parents check the institute website and they see the institute all information like their education system, teachers information, gallery, achievement, notice, admission, etc. Our best school management software in Bangladesh gives you total data easily.

HRM & Payroll

Remember the issues we discussed at the start of this article? Payroll issues and employee management? This module of the (MMIT) Software is the solution to all those problems. You will now record and organize employees’ details, enabling quick access to their information. Recruitment, expenses, employee registration, employee performance appraisals, leave management and payroll management are amongst the core features of this module. You will also be able to enter the faculty members’ attendance details daily, making your life easier in generating salary reports for each member.

Accounts & Finance

Remember the era where we had to prepare financial statements through hand or using Microsoft Excel, thus, incurring significant human resources, especially time. That era is now gone, and this module of the (MMIT) Software effectively handles your school’s financial activities. A complete school management software package. Maintaining a school’s economic activities is a hectic task due to the increasing number of students. This module plays a critical role in easing the school’s accountants’ life and relevant employees working in the finance department. 

Results Module

This module store all the student’s exam and results processes like exam eligibilities, exam attendance, mark entry (exam), mark entry (subject), merit list, and all student final results.

Attendance Module

This module of the best school management software is highly beneficial in tracking students’ real-time attendance. This school management software will take student manual attendance, manual attendance list, daily attendance summary, absent student list, and monthly student attendance.

User Management

Our school management software provides an advanced user permission system. We have a dynamic user management system. you can easily add user,  user list, user permission, user role setup, etc.

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best school management software in bangladesh
best school management software in bangladesh

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