Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Management Software in Bangladesh

What is Restaurant Management Software?

Restaurant Management Software is a form of POS management software that is flexible. It will simplify and automate the restaurant’s operations. This is a user-friendly that can also be used as a server-based web application.

Restaurants, hotels, bars, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, bistros, delivery businesses, homemade or online restaurant businesses, and so on will all benefit from it. It will take care of everything for you, from account billing to staff management, as well as keeping your data secure.

MM IT SOFT LTD provides quick and cost-effective Restaurant Management Software in Bangladesh, enabling you to take orders and bill customers using self-service, pay-first, or table-wise systems. In the POS Method, the picture of the food menu, the date, the stock, the summary, and the price will be highlighted.

We provide one of the best Restaurant Management Software in Bangladesh. Our Restaurant Management Software has almost all the facility including inventory management systems, Sales report & Purchase report management systems, Customer and Employee management systems which can automate your organization the way you never think before. We also deliver a total electronic POS system with a standardized tag and scanner tag that helps your restaurant business.

Features of Our Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Management Software Details

Order Management

An order management system is the most important feature of our restaurant management software. For this reason, Our software has an effective order management feature that helps to manage orders of customers. It also assists in the automated completion of all order-related tasks.


Real-time Reports

A company’s ability to produce reports is crucial. However, it consumes much too much time. This app, on the other hand, has a fantastic feature that allows you to generate real-time reports. It can also produce reports that are reliable and error-free. You’ll come across it.

Payment Management

There are various payment options available today. This restaurant billing program supports several payment gateways, allowing it to accept payments from a variety of sources.

Account Management

Account management is critical for every business. This app provides an account management function that helps you to complete account-related tasks quickly and accurately. You can easily complete all of your account-related tasks here. You don’t have to complete the accounting manually any longer. Accounting is a lot simpler than any other task in this restaurant management program.

HR management

One of the most challenging problems that any company faces in implementing an HR Management scheme. When you first open a restaurant, you must ensure that human resources are well managed. The HR department has a lot of work to do, from hiring to terminating or resigning employees. As a consequence, our program will assist you in efficiently completing certain tasks. You can count on that.

Purchase Management

Purchase is vital to the company’s growth. Our platform has an exciting feature for handling transactions. In the restaurant industry, a purchase can be made at any time. As a result, you must buy ingredients or utilities in accordance with specifications in order to provide proper service. Since this program has a purchase management function, this task can be completed automatically.

Pricing Our Restaurant Management Software

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