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Email marketing is the storage technic of digital marketing and email marketing is also one of the most popular business marketing tools. email marketing also one of the best methods of business or personal communication.

 MM IT SOFT LTD is one of the best quality and professional bulk Email Marketing Services in Bangladesh. With our email marketing service, you should send emails very easily. We have a very large amount of email marketing solution providers in Bangladesh. We always believe in our customer’s long time relationship with our services.

We totally recommend you using MM IT SOFT LTD a really affordable email marketing solution with user-friendly email sending software and high-quality real-time sending analytics result. Here are some of the advantages of Email marketing.

Why Email Marketing?

  • Quick response & quick delivery.
  • Lowest cost and highest benefit.
  • Directly reach to the targeted people
  • Website and email addresses can be linked directly. email-marketing-strategy
  • Advertising space is not an issue. You can use unlimited space for advertisement in your business.
  • You can use both pictures and text. Besides this, you can use the feedback form in the email
  • You can increase your sales by email marketing. Besides this, your company gets a brand position in the market.
  • The email will deliver by using your company email. So you will get any kind of feedback by your email from clients.
  • general info (office address, service details)
  • Job Notification
  • Specific information (training / cultural program)
  • general info (office address, service details)
  • Job Notification
  • Specific information (training / cultural program)


Why You Need Our Services For Your Email Service In Bangladesh?

You already know there are many email marketing companies or email services in Bangladesh after reading this, but why are we the best email marketing company in Bangladesh?

Well, because of providing the best email service in Bangladesh, I think all of the companies are good but we are best because we do care for you. Our software removes email automatically if it gets any duplicate in the email list. if your customer doesn’t grow as you expected then why you spend your valuable money on the wrong destination.

We use the latest technologies with all the latest software. We’ll set up a full-time management system that allows you to do whatever you want. So much cost-effective service will be provided. Any time you can consult with us. And after visiting us, you will know more about how we provide the best email service and why we are the best email marketing company in Bangladesh.


Email Marketing Services

Email marketing requirement

Email body (Content maybe a picture or plain text or picture, text both or HTML formate). Email subject (Not more than 80 characters). Company name (Not more than 40 characters). Email address.

Some important information

We do not provide an email database report We do not sell email addresses. We only send emails by using our software and server. We can operate email marketing only from our office.

What you will get in the report?

How many emails delivered to the inbox. How many emails delivered in spam. How many emails undelivered. The report will generate within 24 hours. after complete the full email marketing.

Payment Procedure

100% advance payment. Payment will go to the “MM IT SOFT LTD” account paycheck or cash. The client must provide all content with a work order. Design charge 2000 taka ( if needed ).

Email Marketing Services Pricing Package

For more details full free to contact us.


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