Fingerprint Attendance Device in Bangladesh

A fingerprint attendance machine is a biometric system that uses fingerprints to record data, especially in and out the timing of the employees. It has replaced manual registers in many offices because of its usability very simple without time-wasting. Automated print-based machines have been a significant part of, maintenance of attendance.


Fingerprint Attendance Device

Nowadays, no need for manual attendance, institutions were facing problems with manual attendance where they had to take attendance manually requiring extra manpower. Manual attendance is not error-free as human actions are required there. Esteem Soft Limited has brought a solution that is completely automatic, fast & doesn’t require any extra manpower.

Institutions can now monitor students’ & staff’s attendance system with ease. The device that Mm It Soft Ltd used is from the renowned attendance device manufacturer ZKTeco which supports both biometric & RFID.

When a student/staff punches either an RFID card or biometric fingerprint then if the institution wants, present SMS will be sent to the guardian/institute’s admin with date & time. The attendance system is connected to our software where the admin can get attendance reports. Our software will automatically take a decision which staff is present, late, or absent from the daily staff attendance.


How does the fingerprint attendance system work?

The most simple example of an access control device is a door that is locked to limiting people to one side of the door or the other. Technology like RFID, fingerprint, and face detection or key card systems operates on the relationship between a plastic card and digital access control locks. Each card is programmed to respond to a specific keycard reader or more with a lock or a set of locks. In the case of Biometric Access Control and Attendance system, the device, which read human finger and store data about that person.  Whenever a unique person comes, he or she has to put a finger in the device. The machine identifies the person whether the person is allowed to access the area and holds his/her time and date of getting entry into device memory. supplying a full automation solution of Access control and Time Attendance Device In Bangladesh. The System includes Access Control and Attendance System device from an accepted brand company with others supporting hardware and software. We supply security device automation for any kind of Company as required.

We hope to provide you the best Service for Time Attendance Device in Bangladesh. When you Choice Time Attendance System, Please Keep in Mind That A Poor Choice Can Make your Invest no Effective Return, Cause You Need the best Quality Attendance Device, do you know that A Software to Generate Required Report which You Need, also Good After Sales Service from Expert of Time Attendance Solution:

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